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Here are some reviews of some of the major brands of skateboards.

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Like Element, Habitat has an emphasis on being eco friendly. The company probably pushes the earthy feel further, though, like using a bamboo ply in their Bamboo Board series. Their boards are moslty basic 7 ply designs known for high quality.

Habitat imagry and style is not going to appeal to hard core metalheads.

Reviews of their skateboards show that the boards are light, have great durability, don't razor tail easily, and are known for their pop and ease of flicking.

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Plan B

plan B

Plan B has become known really fast, largely due to both the quality of their skatebaords and the pro skaters on their team such as Danny Way and Ryan Sheckler.

The company was founded in 1991 my Mike Ternasky who was killed in an auto accident in 1993. The company was shelved in 1998, but in 2005 Danny Way and Colin McCay reformed the company.

The skateboard decks are basic high quality 7 ply known for durability and simple graphics.

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powell logo

Powell has like prehistoric roots for a skateboard company. George Powell made his first skateboard in 1957, and started making boards for his son in the 70's. He started experimenting with different materials and one of his test riders was Stacy Peralta.

In 1978 George and Stacy teamed up and formed Powell Peralta. It was arguably the most successful skateboard company in the 80's. In 1991 Peralta left the company and it bacame Powell.

Peralta and Powell have teamed up again though and the company is issueing some sick designs that ressurect their 70's and 80's roots.

Known for their skeleton graphics in the 80's the company changes their graphic style a lot. It seems like you can date a Powell to a year by its graphics. Overall the company is known for good hard decks that can take a lot of abuse from even the most aggresive skaters.

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Toy Machine

toy machine

Toy Machine dates to 1993 when the company was founded by Ed Templeton, who is also known for his art and photography. In 2000, Ed's book of photography, Teenage Smokers, placed first for Art Competition in Italy, winning $50,000.

Their skateboards are basic 7 ply and are known for good quality. The skateboards are known for featuring cartoon monsters.

In asking skateboarders who have or still do ride Toy Machine we found that skaters either really love how their skateboards are shaped or they just get used it. We found it hard to find anybody that actually doesn't like Toy Machine skateboards.

Out of 25 people who have owned skateboards made by Toy Machine almost all of them thought they were awesome decks for beginners, easy to pop, really durable, and priced right. A common complaint is that they get a square tail in a short time.

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Zoo York

zoo york logo

Zoo York was founded in 1993 and is based in New York City, which you could probably guess based on its name. The name is about the graffiti art subculture and orginates from a subway tunnel that runs under the Central Park Zoo.

The boards are known for their unique shapes and strength. Out of 50 reviews on Zoo York decks most of the users really liked them for flip tricks and durability. There were some complaints that they were a little heavy which you might expect from a strong board.

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