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Here are some reviews of some of the major brands of skateboards.

Skateboard Reviews

Alien Workshop

alien workshop

Alien Workshop is one of the more creative skateboard makers. Which is proven by heir unique designs and graphics. Their boards include everything from basic 7 ply design to corrugated technology skagteboards and even a "Nice Price" line that cuts back on the bells and whistles like treated veneers so that they can sell them cheaper.

They started out unique though as they are based in Dayton, Ohio, a long ways from California where most of the skateboard makers are located. Alien Workshop has been in making skateboards since 1990.

In reviews, they are noted for being really light and easy to do high ollies with. Some skaters think that the boards razor too easily but they still liked them.



Birdhouse Logo

Birdhouse is probably the most well known skateboard maker largely because of Tony Hawk who founded the company with Per Welinder in 1992. The name is a reference to Tony Hawk's last name. The company is known for what is called Black 6 technology which means they use a 6th thicker ply in building a skateboard that is supposed to make for bigger pop and easier flicks.

We found 27 people who have owned Birdhouse decks and were willing to talk about what they thought of the skateboard.  Overall, they rated Birdhouse high for building tough, light, and durable decks. The only consistent complaint was the wood chipped a little too easily.  Many users raved about the pop they got out of the decks and claimed that they were able to add a lot more height to their tricks.

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blind logo

Blind has been around since 1989, making it one of the oldest major skateboard makers. With its gream reaper logo and violent graphics the company targets hard core aggresive skaters. The name, "Blind," has its roots in founder Mark Gonzales spite towards his previous employer, Vision Skateboards.

Blind Skateboards are known for different technology such as an 8 ply board and lighter 7 ply boards, vertically laminated cores, and different materials than wood to make the decks lighter.

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element logo

Element was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schilleriff, starting out as Underworld Element Skateboards. The name was later simplified to just Element. Today the company is a subsidiary of Billabong International. Element emphasizes eco friendliness, community causes, and with its "Power to the Planet" initiative increases awareness of environmental causes.

The company makes high quality skateboards and emphasize technology with products like their Fiberlight board. They also make skateboards with air chambers inside of them to make them stiffer and lighter like the Featherlight Helium. For the most parts their graphics are simple with basic imagery. On the eco side they make Thriftwood which is a 7 ply wooden deck set at a cheaper price.

The decks are known for being easy to flick and being light.

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enjoi logo


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