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How to do a Backside and

Frontside Shuvit

The Shuvit is a trick where you jump in the air straight up and the skateboard spins underneath you.

You can do this trick standing or rolling. You have to place the ball of your back foot in the middle of the tail. The front foot is kind of where it works for you. Some people like having their toes hanging over the edge, and others like having the ball of their foot in the middle. Do what works. There are two kinds of Shuvits, the backside and the frontside. The backside is probably easier to learn so we're going to cover it first.


To do the Backside Shuvit you bend your knees and jump, not as far as an ollie though. When you jump you want to sweep the tail of the your board back behind you. Your front foot stays over the board to keep it from popping into the air. When your good you can use your front foot's heel to help it spin some more. But to start out just get it out of the way.

You want the board to spin at least 180 degrees so the tail ends up where the nose was. The idea is at least 180 degrees or 360 degrees so you got something to land on.


The Frontside Shuvit works the same as the Backside. The difference is that when you kick the tail you sweep the tail in front of you instead of behind you.


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