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How to Rock to Fakie

Rock to Fakie is like the first trick you learn on a ramp or quarterpipe or halfpipe. You ride to the top, stop your skateboard at the coping (also called edge) balance the board in the middle, rock up and then down, and roll back down. Since your aren't turning or anything its really just up, stop, down, up, stop, down again and again. It's easy to do and lotta fun. Most of us start on ramps because the slope isn't so steep.

To do the trick you go fast enough to get to the top. Feet should be placed so the front foot is over the trucks and the back foot on the tail.... if you notice a lot of these tricks have your feet in the ollie position. When you get to the top of the ramp you lean towards the nose and get your trucks over the edge. To do it right you have to get your board half over, don't chicken out and just do it part way. Then you do the rock to fakie by putting your weight forward, the board tilts that way, then you shift your weight to the tail, the board shifts down and you will be going back down again.

The weird part is that it will feel backwards. Thats because you will be riding in the opposite direction you normally do. But you will get used to it.

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