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How to do Kickturns

Kickturns are one of the basic tricks in skateboarding. All your doing is balancing on your back wheels for sec and swinging the front to a new direction. It looks easy but like everything it takes some practice and learning how to balance. You go into the ollie stance, shift your weight to the back foot and bring your front foot up a little. The nose will come up and you balance on the rear wheels.

Frontside Kickturn

Now that you got the nose up you just push the nose of the skateboard in the direction you want to go. You get more radical turns by using your hips and swinging your arms. Since you used the front of the board to turn its the frontside, or FS.

Backside Turn

Backside turns mean you use your heel to turn the board, in other words the back foot turns the skateboard.

Tic Tac

This is just combining the frontside and backside turns. If you get fast at doin it it looks awesome. This is like all balance, you have to use your hips and arms an your will probably fall down some until you get practiced at it.

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