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How to do a Kickflip

Probably the trick everybody wants to learn after the ollie is the kickflip. It' s one of the hardest of the basic tricks to learn though. But like the ollie, it’s a trick you really need to learn early so you can be awesome later.

Speaking of ollies, you have to know how do an ollie before you can do this. That's because the this trick starts with an ollie. The kickflip is spinning the skateboard beneath you while doing an ollie. If you still need to learn to an ollie, go here You start out by doing an ollie, cept you want to jump high so you got time to spin the board while your in the air. To do that your drag your front foot up the board just like an ollie, accept this time you want to use the top of your toes to flip the board. You don't need a lot of force, you aren't trying to plant the board, and you just want to flip it. Make sure your foot goes out instead of down. You can't land on the board if your foot is under it. It really should be called a tapflip because you don't really kick anything, you just like tap the board with your toes or even toe. You should be aiming at the nose.

After you flick, kick, or tap the board get your feet out of the way so the board can turn over. Now comes the keep it level part. Just like an ollie you have to stay level so you can land the trick.

And you want to stop the board from turning once it’s done its flip. So you have to watch it. It becomes more instinctive after a lot practice and you won't have to watch so much because you will just have a feel for it. Once you catch the board with your back foot, you put your front foot on it too and you finish just like an ollie. And now you roll away because you’re awesome now.

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