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How to do the Ollie


The Ollie Impossible is only possible if you know how to ollie. The trick is really spinning the skateboard around your back foot and landing back on it when it comes around. Spinning the deck around your foot means it goes up and over not sideways and around. If you spin it sideways thats a Shuvit. You start out by setting your feet just like an ollie, which is the same setup for lots of tricks so you should be used to it. You then do an ollie and when your doing the the trick get your front foot out of the way so the board can rotate without hitting your front foot. It should wrap around your back foot. To make it wrap around your back foot you pop the tail. The difference from an ollie is that you don't stop the nose from going up with your front foot because you want it to turn over.

To learn it your really have to figure out what you need to do to pop it so it wraps around your back foot. You can do that just standing still and popping it over and over till you figure it out.

You then land it and roll on. A lot of people are using this trick as a transition trick now between a manual and a ledge trick. Way back when it started out as a freestyle trick.


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