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How to Caveman

The Caveman is a trick that just makes you look awesome when you start your skate run. It means jumping onto your board before it is even on the ground. So your start out rolling intstead of stopped. It just looks kool.

To do it, pick up the skateboard and hold it in your left hand if your a regular or right hand if you goofy. You can reverse the hands if you want to, it doesn't really matter which you use.

Whichever hand you do use, hold the skateboard by the nose so that your thumb is on top or on the griptape. To do the trick you swing the board out in front of you like a pendulum, as you swing it back toward you, tail first, and its parallel to the ground, drop it.

While the board is still falling jump onto it with both feet. As usual you want to aim so your feet land on top of the bolts so your weight is on the trucks when you land it.

That's all ther really is to to doing the Caveman. There are all kinds of variations to it, my favorite is The Bomb Drop in which you do the caveman off a high ledge or table, or any high obstacle. The Footplant Caveman is also kool. In that variation you run to an obstacle jump onto it with one foot and then jump back away from it and do the Caveman. It looks kool because your end up going the opposite direction from the way you started running.

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