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How to Casper

The Casper is a trick where you pop the board with your back foot flip the board around with your front foot. It's kind of like doing an ollie where the board helicopters beneath you.You can do it standing still or rolling. It's a trick that seems ez to do but really isn't. To do the trick you stand with you position your front foot close to the back edge just behind the front bolts. Your back foot goes near the tail so that it can pop the board just like an ollie. To start the trick you do an ollie and pop the board with your backfoot, your front foot ciruculates to spin the board around. Where you have your front foot is really important to the trick.

To get good at it you want to practice making the board helicopter with your front foot. Then you will know what to do when you ollie to do it. It's a trick that really just takes a lot of practice that you can do standing still. Once you get that down you can do it when your rolling.


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