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How do a Boardslide

A boardslide is a basic trick that looks awesome when you pull it off. This is when you skate beside something like a rail or a curb and ollie up onto it. You land the board in the middle of the object sideways and slide along it. The you jump off it and roll on knowing that your awesome.

To do a the trick you will have to know how to ride, ollie, and frontside or backside. You want to be able to turn you body on the trick so you should be confident you can do that.

In learning the trick you want to start out with stuff close to the ground. If you wanna start right out jumping onto a handrail you better have a steel jockstrap. You will also probably need to wax the object and you will want to know how to wax it right. It works best when you put a little on and then take your board and slide it on it and push hard. If the board doesn't slide easy then you need more wax. Obviously you will need more wax for rough surfaces than smooth ones.

There are two ways to boardslide. You can frontside or you can backside. All that means is which way you came up the object and ollied onto it. If you come up facing it your will end up frontsiding onto it, if you come up to with your back to it you will be backsiding onto it.

The one thing you have to be able to do when you boardslide is balance. If your sloppy in your balance you wont be good at this. So this means you have be level when you ollie, and centered over your skateboard. To get balance most skaters start out in the ollie position for their feet but when they ollie into the slide they move their front foot up over the front trucks.

You want to approach the object so that your momentum would have you beside it. If you are angled your momentum will probably make you go too far to the other side and you will bail off and depending how high you are it will probably be painful.

To do the trick the first time pick a low object and ride up along side it and pivot on it and slide it. You can pivot back off or just slide to the end and hop off. This versions called a Slappy. You want to get good at these before you go higher off the ground. This is because you want to be good at balancing.

The next height you will do it the same cept that you won't pivot onto the rail you will ollie onto it. To start out ollie onto the same thing you were using for the Slappy. Then move to something higher when it seems easy.

To ollie into a boardslide ride along side the rail so that it is behind your heels. Ollie and turn 90 degrees so that you land on the object with so that you slide on the object on the center of your skateboard. Like other tricks keep level and balanced and keep your knees flexed. When you reach the end turn your body 90 degrees back the way your stared and land and roll away. You can get off it early by just pushing down on the tail so the nose lifts above the object, turn 90 degrees and land and roll away.

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