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Aztek Skate Park


This is an awesome skate park that looks like it was almost built with a random design by skaters. But it has bowls, tight pcckets, trannies, a racetrack kind of snake run around it with a like random vert thrown in. No less then 7 types of coping, and none of its metal.


  • Free/Helmets only
  • This all concrete park is ALL TRANNIE, there's virtually no flat at all
  • One of the best snake runs ever built with no flat!
  • Seven different styles of coping, and not one of them is metal. I mean the bowls have several different copings on one side
  • Great verticals and even a love seat
  • Sixteen foot parking lot spine, strange one of a kind obstacles, just a kick ass park

aztek skate park

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We need pix of this park. If you got some please send to:

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Address 600 Llano Street, Aztek, NM, 87410 Pads Required?  
Phone (505) 334-7664
Helmet Required?  
Free or Pay Free Is there a Pro Shop? No
Inside/Outside Outside Lights? No
Voucher Required? No Website  
Size 7,500 square feet Hours r

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