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How to do a 360 Ollie

The 360 Ollie is exactly what it sounds like. You do a full spin doing the trick. You shouldn't try it until you can do a 180 Ollie.

To do the trick you set up like just like a normal Ollie. You want to stay centered and level. That means you want to stay over your board and not lean too much in any direction. To do the trick you pop your tail and spin shoulders, arms, and waist to get enough momentum to get around.... in time. This is a trick thats really hard to do on the flatland because you need get high enough to have enough time to spin all the way around. A tip on doing it is that when you get to 270 you can pivot on the nose to get the full spin. When you land you want to land with your feet over the trucks. The trick is really best done off a ramp of a ledge so you can get some hieght to do it.

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