Robb Field Skateboard Park

This is a ginormous skate park of endless banks and bowls. Most of the banks are 4 to 5 feet, and the major part of the park has a side by side run that is separated by a spine.robb field skate parkThere are also lots of ledges, handrails, blocks, and an octagon volcano. There is a beginners area right next to the parking lot.

Better yet, San Diego just elimated the park supervisors and the requirements for pads and helmets in March of 2009. The park is also now FREE.

Only complaint is the bowls are too flat and the concrete is getting old.

robb field skate park


We need pix of this park. If you got some please send to:

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Address 2525 Bacon St.
San Diego, CA 92107
Pads Required? Not anymore

(619) 531-1563

Helmet Required? Not anymore
Free or Pay Free Is there a Pro Shop? No
Inside/Outside Outside Lights? Yes
Size 40,000 square feet Hours 10am to dusk


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