Rhodes Skate Park

The skate park was born in 1992 when Glenn Rhodes got the idea to find a place for skaters to skate because all the places downtown were running the kids off. So with the help of some local skating kids he went out and found a good place. Like a lot of other cities they found a nice place under a free way. Other cities that came up with similar ideas include Philidelphia, Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland.

In this case though, they added restrooms, and a basketball court. Rhodes spent two years coordinating it all. Other then hanging out with bums,rhodes skate park its a cool park.


  • Skate park under the freeways
  • Wood and metal ramps
  • 6; halfpiupe
  • 6' and 4' Quaterpipes
  • Grind Box
  • Ledges
  • Safety gear strongly recommeded
  • "you get to hang out with bums"
  • Awesome in the summer because it's in the shade



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We need pix of this park. If you got some please send to: awesom13@awesome-skateboard.com

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Address 1555 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702

Pads Required? Recommended
Phone   Helmet Required? Recommended
Free or Pay Free Is there a Pro Shop? No
Waiver   Website Clik Here
Inside/Outside Outdoors Lights? No
Size Probably 10,000 square feet Hours  


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