Reed Skate Park

Features: 31,000 square feet. Reed Skate Park is like a giant pool with banks. The L shaped pool bowl is is 4 to 6 feet deep and is really wide. The sides have different obstacles and transitions. The center of the bowls have a volcano, funbox with rails, and a pyramid. There is also a big stair but it does not have rails. Pretty killer park for intermediates or bikes.

Bikes were allowed to ride in the park last time I was there.

Another bowl, more like Z shaped, has 12 foot wide spine. There is also a micro bowl, with a rail and a ledge for the grommets.

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We need pix of this park. If you got some please send to:

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Address 1631 E. Broadway, Mesa, AZ 85204

Pads Required? Recommended
Phone (602)644-2351
Helmet Required? Recommended
Free or Pay Free Is there a Pro Shop? No
Inside/Outside Outside Lights? Yes
Size 31,000 square feet Hours



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