Burnside Skate Park

Burnside is a unique skate park because it just happened. It was built by skateboarders without any kind of permission from the city of Portland, which sanctioned it after the fact. It has become one of the most famous and awesome skateparks you will see and the skill of the locals is as good as anywhere.

burnside skate park

It is built under the Burnside Bridge on the east side of the Willamette River. It probably is not a permanent park because the city can condemn it at any time if they want to declare it a public nuisance. Park on the street only, not in the adjacent private parking lots.


This is cool though, on the Burnside Skate Park sight, they are saying they may actually be able to double the parks size. Their link is: http://www.burnsideskatepark.blogspot.com


We need pix of this park. If you got some please send to: awesom13@awesome-skateboard.com

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Under the Burnside Bridge, Portland, OR 97255
Pads Required?  
Phone   Helmet Required?  
Free or Pay Free Is there a Pro Shop? No
Inside/Outside Outside Lights?  
Size   Hours Dawn to dusk


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